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For this piece of coursework, I will be comparing and contrasting two different holiday brochures. They are, ‘Golden Years’ and ‘Escapades’.

The front cover of Escapades is very bold. It has a purple sparkly background. This denotes fun and energy. This is because purple is a ‘fun-loving’ colour. On this sparkly background is a superimposed computer image. This is a very modernized thing. This means that this brochure is aimed at the younger generation who use computers. The image is of a young lady; she has blond hair and purple eyes. Again, the purple represents fun loving and energy. The blond hair could represent that she is a ‘fun in the sun’ kind of girl.

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The girl is tanned and seems to be wearing very comfortable looking clothes. This denotes that she is comfortable and relaxed. The ladies features are rather exaggerated; by this I mean that she has large eyes, a small nose, lovely white teeth, red lips and the ‘perfect’ figure. This fits in with today’s society where the empathies is on feeling and looking good. The lady appears to be dancing, this gives us the felling that she is having fun and makes us want to look in the brochure.

The name of the brochure is across the top of the cover. It is written in very large stylised writing. It is set out so that the word escapades is coming out of what looks like a letter C. These together make the name look like a large letter E. The text itself is coloured in pink surrounded by blue. It appears to be shiny. Underneath the main title is a subtitle saying ‘Hi-Energy Holidays’ this says exactly what has been conveyed to us through the picture on the cover.

The cover of the ‘Golden Years’ brochure is much more relaxed than that of the previous. The background colour is dark blue. This is quite a relaxing colour. The picture is of four middle-aged people sitting around table drinking orange-juice, in the sun next to a dock. All of the people seem to be very relaxed and comfortable. They are in a very picturesque town on what seems to be a tropical island. The sea is calm, which also adds to the atmosphere.

The name of the brochure is written in large plain text below the name of the airline, which is Airtours. The text is, as said, plain and white. This shows up very well against the background.

Underneath the picture is a small blurb of text saying ‘holidays with a good deal more’. The words holidays and more are enlarged to make them stand out; these are the two things that catch the target audience’s attention. This being middle-aged people.

On the second and third pages of the Escapades brochure, you are introduced to the brochure. The heading is ‘Hi-Energy Holidays’. Under this is a small section of text, which simply says that England is boring and that you should go on holiday with Escapades. The language used is very informal and colloquial. There are more details on the pages such as contents, Escapades Promise and flight details. There are three pictures on these pages, two are of real people enjoying their holidays and the other is of another computer-imaged girl. The girl is not unlike the girl on the front cover. Next to her is some text saying ‘what are you waiting for?’ This gives us the impression that everything has to be done quickly and in a rush. This does actually fit in with today’s society… rush, rush, rush.

On the following pages, the individual resorts are outlined and a model competition is offered to any readers. This appeal to the younger generation and is a good attention catcher. The last of the introductory pages explain what certain symbols (which will be used later on) mean, asks the audience if you are ready and tells us about the holiday representatives all of the language used is very relaxed and a lot of slang is used. Such as on page 4 where it says, ‘IBIZA San Antonio. The cool ruler, where club culture sets the pace for the rest of the world. The party goes on all day and all night and is fuelled by some seriously big name DJ’S in some seriously big name clubs.’ This makes it much easier for the younger generation to read and understand. The introductory pages for this brochure are very energetic and therefore appeal to the younger generation.

The introductory pages for ‘Golden Years’ are all centred on value, quality and luxury. There are also exerts about special offers and entertainment. All of these things important to most people when they are booking holidays. However it is of more importance to the older generation, as they are much more conscious of their money and where it is going. Or, perhaps this is what you become more concerned about as you get older. Also, these people do not want to feel that they have been taken advantage of.

The actual holiday, which I shall be comparing and contrasting is of Benidorm in Costa Blanca.

In ‘Golden Years’ there is one hotel. It is called Cristal Park. It is a treble A rated hotel that means that it is a high quality hotel. The text on the page states that the hotel is an excellent combination of modern and traditional British, Spanish architecture and culture. This is telling the audience what the hotel looks and feels like.

The next section of text basically tells the audience where the hotel is and explains it’s best features. For example it states, ‘the hotel makes the best use of its space by having a rooftop pool.’ This means that the pool is very private and spacious.

There are two pictures on this page. The larger of the two being of the hotel itself and the latter being of one of its rooms.

The rest of the presentation has different sub-headings such as ‘Location’, ‘Facilities’, ‘Sport and entertainment’ and ‘Activity week.’ Under these headings, the features are explained to the audience.

The final part of the article consists of the ranging prices of the holidays when offered through the months November to April. It can be denounced from this that the brochure is offering holidays through the winter when England is cold and wet. Next to this is a small box with the heading Special Offers. Inside this box is a list of offers which are meant to entice the audience.

The language used in this article is very formal. It is easy to read and understand. There is a reference to this at the back of the brochure (p112) there is a stamp saying that the brochure has earned the ‘Crystal Mark’ from the plain English campaign. This means that it has passed high standards for clarity and ease of understanding. Therefore, the target audience will understand the text whereas they would not understand the text of Escapades.

The overall impression of this holiday is that it is relaxing and calm. These are the ideals, which the older generation look for in a holiday.

In the second brochure, Escapades, the hotels featured for Benidorm are Hotel Pernia and Payma Apartments. These hotels do not have as high a rating as the one in Golden Years. They are bed and breakfasts or self-catering whereas the hotel in Golden Years was fully inclusive.

The two pages on which this article is presented have an orange background. This is a very bold and bright colour, indicating fun. There are lots of pictures across these pages. They are of young people partying, drinking, playing and hugging. This gives the audience a very tangible atmosphere of fun and laughter.

The hotels are described using very informal language. There is also a lot of slang used. This adds to the atmosphere. It also makes it much easier to understand and much more comfortable for the younger generation. These hotels also have special offers running.

All in all this holiday is presented very well to the younger generations using abstract pictures and slang language.

In conclusion, Escapades is a very lively, bubbly, bright brochure based upon fun and cheapness whereas Golden Years is a relaxing, calming brochure with it’s empathies on value for money and quality.

These are two very different brochures and the audiences, which they attract, show this.

Different advertising techniques attract different audiences and the different brochures have exploited this even though the same company Airtours makes them both.

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