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DANCE COMMUNITY Essay, Research Paper

& # 8221 ; 1,2,3? 6,7,8 & # 8243 ; Ms A counts the dance & # 8217 ; s thumping round as her terpsichorean & # 8217 ; s practiced for hours. Ms A, an experient dance teacher who has a passion about the art of dance owned a spread called & # 8221 ; The One and Merely Dance Community. & # 8221 ; The Dance Community was 50 estates of dance suites, work out installations, cafeterias and residence halls which housed the terpsichoreans. Ms A, a really demanding dance teacher expected nil less than flawlessness of her pupils. This flawlessness required complete control over the terpsichorean & # 8217 ; s lives. The apparels the terpsichoreans wore, what they could eat and where they could see the people they associated with out side of the Dance Community. Perfection demanded a monetary value? that both Ms A and the terpsichorean & # 8217 ; s had to pay in order to accomplish the degrees of dance Ms A sought.

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Well the terpsichoreans grew tired of Ms A & # 8217 ; s demands and her control over everything the terpsichoreans did. Ms A & # 8217 ; s dance officers & # 8230 ; Jessica, Megan, Kara and Jill were the dance leaders and were looked up to by all of the other terpsichoreans. They were function theoretical accounts because of their experience and their apprehension of the challenges of dancing for Ms A. These challenges helped organize a new dance community that the terpsichoreans are basking today.

One twenty-four hours after the long complicated pattern the officers went back to their cabins. They were tired of the awful intervention they had been having from Ms A. They ne’er thought that dancing would go such a unhappy experience. The officers knew that something had to alter, non for merely themselves, but besides for the terpsichoreans they lead. They planned such a alteration tardily one dark after Ms A. left for a party with her friends.

Ms A left pattern and the officers and terpsichoreans limped back into the auditorium where they antecedently had practiced. The meeting commenced. Jessica, the caput officer rose from her chair and suggested that they needed to unify in order to halt Ms A & # 8217 ; s demanding and commanding ways. All of the terpsichoreans understood and went along with Jessica & # 8217 ; s suggestion. With the full support of all of the terpsichoreans, Jessica explained the scheme of the alterations that had to come approximately in order for the Dance Community to last Ms A & # 8217 ; s commanding ways. The terpsichoreans listened intently as Jessica described Ms A & # 8217 ; s normal modus operandi. Ms A often went out with her friends at dark. Their program of onslaught would be on one such dark after Ms A left the Dance Community. Their program was to procure all of the entrywaies to the Dance Community. This would forestall Ms A from re-entering after she left for the eventide. All the terpsichoreans agreed on this program and dreamed of the possibilities of the & # 8220 ; New & # 8221 ; Dance Community.

Megan so stood up and suggested that without Ms A & # 8217 ; s commanding presence they could get rid of the demand for officers in the New Dance Community. They were excited about the expected freedoms they would see without the awful Ms A.

& # 8220 ; Dancing with your bosom is what dancing should be all about, & # 8221 ; the officers explained. Megan farther explained how they were to raise money for the New Dance Community. They were traveling to do instructional pictures and sell them to terpsichoreans outside of their community.

The terpsichoreans uneasily waited for the Ms A to go forth for the eventide so they could implement their program. Ms A left with her friends for the eventide and the program to get down the New Dance Community started.

As Ms A ret

urned that flushing unaware of terpsichoreans program. She approached the chief gate, the terpsichoreans watching from a distance could see the defeat mounting on her face. The hid behind the gate out of position and witnessed Ms A’s turning discontent of being locked out of the spread. Ms A started shouting and shouting at the top of her voice and threatened all within earreach of the effects of non allowing her back indoors. The terpsichoreans still hidden were non influenced at all by all of her menaces. Alternatively, they stood up from their concealed stature and started walking back to the residence halls with exhilaration of all the alterations that were to come.

Their dreams of a new life of freedom from Ms A had begun. Soon they all went to bed cognizing that a batch of work ballad in forepart of them if they were to win with their program.

Late the following forenoon all of the terpsichoreans met in the cafeteria for breakfast. The officers announced their surrender from officer position and that everyone was now free to make what they wanted to make. They could eat what they wanted to eat. Wear the apparels they wanted to have on, tie in with the people the wanted to tie in with. They could non believe that this twenty-four hours would of all time get. The freedom they ever wanted to hold.

After the three hr breakfast, without the subject that Ms A applied they left on their ain manner to their ain dance pattern. Some of the terpsichoreans stayed to bring forth the instructional picture they were to sell. The other terpsichoreans who were non at that place started basking the art of dancing which they could non make while under Ms A & # 8217 ; s leading.

Dayss and darks passed while the terpsichoreans enjoyed their new found freedoms. However, without the subject, things started to unknot fast.

First, some of the terpsichoreans were lazy and did non desire to exert, dance or aid with the picture. Some would non even acquire out of bed in the forenoon. They had become lazy. Some started deriving weight and others were losing their dance accomplishments that they had distressingly learned under Ms A & # 8217 ; s direction. In add-on, no 1 wanted to purchase pictures from lazy, corpulence and unskilled terpsichoreans. Their money rapidly began to dry up.

The former officers gathered in their room one dark and agreed that they had made a error and that freedom came at a monetary value. They admitted that they needed a individual who would transfuse the subject and counsel that they would necessitate to be a successful terpsichoreans. They did non desire to see all of their difficult work go down the drain. They decided to hold another meeting.

The following dark at dinner, Kara stood up and informed the terpsichoreans that things had to alter. Some of the officers resented what Kara had to state, they liked being lazy but most understood the demand for the alteration. The terpsichoreans agreed they needed aid one time more. Their solution was to name Ms A back and apologise to her for their insubordination and that they needed her subject in order to be the successful terpsichoreans they wanted to be.

Three months passed with Ms A back at the helm. All of the terpsichoreans appreciated her subject and grew to understand why it was needed. All of the terpsichoreans had a new sense of freedom. A freedom to go the best terpsichoreans in the state. They decided to alter their name to travel along with the new attitude. & # 8221 ; The Land of the Strutters & # 8221 ; became their name. Now the Strutters were free to go the best terpsichoreans that they dreamed they could be.

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