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5. How does an LDAP directory differ from a relational database system? •You can non compose a stored process or trigger to assist keep LDAP informations. •The “D” in “LDAP” bases for “directory” . non “database” •The “P” in “LDAP” clearly indicates that LDAP is. in fact. a “protocol” . •LDAP has no impression of rows. tabular arraies. or other database elements. •LDAP has no impression of relational unity

•LDAP informations is a hierarchal aggregation of objects. non a linked aggregation of dealingss. 6. What is the basic unit of information in an LDAP directory? What is the construction of an property? An entry is the basic unit of information in an LDAP directory. Each property has a name ( an property type or description ) and one or more values.

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10. Where is the LDAP device object category defined? Which of its properties are compulsory and which are optional? The device object category is defined in the /etc/ldap/schema/core. ldif file. Its compulsory property is cn. Its optional properties are consecutive Number. See Besides. proprietor. ou. o. l. and description.

11. How would you find the longer name for the cubic decimeter ( lowercase “l” ) LDAP object category? $ grep ’l’ /etc/openldap/schema/* . ldif/etc/openldap/schema/core. ldif: olcAttributeTypes: ( 2. 5. 4. 7 NAME ( ‘l’ ‘localityName’ )

1. Which two devils are portion of the Samba suite? What does each make? SMBD: The smbd plan provides Samba’s file and pressman services. utilizing one TCP/IP watercourse and one devil per client. It is controlled from the default constellation file. samba_dir/lib/smb. conf. and can be overridden by command-line options. NMBD: The nmbd plan is Samba’s NetBIOS name and browse devil. It replies to air NetBIOS over TCP/IP ( NBT ) name-service petitions from SMB clients and optionally to Microsoft’s Windows Internet Name Service ( WINS ) requests. Both of these are versions of the name-to-address search required by SMB clients. The broadcast version uses UDP/IP broadcast on the local subnet merely. while WINS utilizations TCP/IP. which may be routed. If running as a WINS waiter. nmbd keeps a current name and reference database in the file wins. digital audiotape in the samba_dir/var/locks directory.

2. What stairss are required for mapping a Windows user to a Linux user? Set the username map parametric quantity in smb. conf to indicate to the map file. often /etc/samba/smbusers. and delegate a Samba watchword to the user

3. How can a system decision maker add a Samba watchword for a new user? smbpasswd username

4. What is the intent of the [ places ] portion? Should this portion be browseable? Why? The [ places ] portion implicitly portions the place directory of each user without holding to specify specific portions. 5. Describe how Samba’s handling of users differs from that of NFS. NFS directory hierarchies are mounted by root and NFS maps users on the client to users on the waiter. A nonroot user saddle horses a Samba portion and all entrees to that portion occur in that user’s name.

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