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Teenage drive has become an progressively controversial subject over the past decennary. Many politicians and grownups are contending for stricter driver’s licence demands and a higher legal drive age. Busy female parents and soon-to-be drivers argue that things are all right merely the manner they are. However. when the nation’s taking cause of decease for teens age 15 to 20 is traffic accidents. things can barely be considered all right. The demand for alteration is obvious. Something must be done to salvage the lives of Georgia’s teens every bit good as those of guiltless automobilists. The Georgia province legislative assembly should enforce tougher Torahs and ordinances on teenage drivers under the age of 18.

The freedom to roll that accompanies a driver’s licence can make a batch more injury than good. One statistic points out that “while drivers under the age of 18 make up approximately 7 per centum of the nation’s driving population. they’re involved in approximately 14 per centum of the accidents” ( Van Slambrouck 5 ) . Most teens are more concerned with looking cool than with driving responsibly. They want to be seen driving while on their cell phones and have the loudest stereos. They impress each other by driving recklessly and being faster than their friends. Runing through a xanthous traffic visible radiation merely as it turns ruddy expressions ice chest than if they were to halt and wait for the following. The driver’s licence grants entree to put the adolescent may hold been restricted prior to obtaining his or her licence. Chances the adolescent will jump school or thrust rummy besides increase drastically one time they have obtained a driver’s licence.

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One method that has proven effectual for many provinces is puting a limitation on the figure of riders that teens are permitted to transport. Often. the riders in a teen’s auto are loud and distractful. They impair the driver’s ability to concentrate and drive safely. and they play a big function in lending to an accident. On the contrary. surveies have shown that older and more experient drivers are really in less danger of doing an accident while transporting riders. This shows that the job is specific to adolescent drivers. However. it is interesting to observe that a male teen’s hazard degree really decreases when transporting a individual female rider.

A scheme that is really effectual if decently administered is the demand of a learner’s license. A learner’s license must be held for a designated length of time–usually one year–before the driver is eligible for his or her existent. or “graduated. ” licence. If the driver retains a clean record throughout the continuance of his or her learner’s license and completes the necessary sum of supervised drive clip. he or she so becomes eligible for a calibrated licence. As stated by Peter Spencer. “graduated licencing involves a tradeoff of kinds in footings of full mobility for adolescents. but for improved safety it’s good deserving it” ( 44 ) . Although this system is presently found in about all of the provinces. it is hard to implement. This is because there is no manner to be certain that the adolescent really has completed plenty supervised drive clip to measure up them for a calibrated licence. Therefore. it is the duty of the parents to do certain their kids are 110 % capable of managing an car.

In add-on to a learner’s license. adolescent drivers should be required to finish an intense drive school. No trial. book. or talk can fix a adolescent for the existent state of affairss that he or she will come across when driving. The impulsive school would fix them for potentially unsafe state of affairss that they will meet when driving entirely or with friends. They would larn how alcohol hinders and impairs one’s ability to drive rummy. they would pattern losing and recovering control of a vehicle in wet conditions. and many more reactions to unsafe driving state of affairss.

Another method of cut downing adolescent accident rates is rough penalty for those teens that do imbibe and drive. By the 1980’s. the legal imbibing age in every province had been raised from 18 to 21. This proven successful in take downing the figure of adolescent human deaths affecting intoxicant. However. the bulk of high-school adolescents do still imbibe intoxicant. Since it is common for the imbibing to take topographic point at dark. normally after 9pm. a adolescent that attempts to drive rummy is besides affected by the darkness. Zero tolerance Torahs have proven to really cut down adolescent alcohol-related accidents. Surveies have shown that when teens are cognizant of the tougher effects. they are a batch less likely to drive after imbibing. This is besides true when curfew Torahs are in consequence that prevent the adolescent from lawfully driving during certain hours of the dark. normally between midnight and 6am. One survey illustrates this by comparing adolescent accident rates in North Carolina before and after tougher licensing Torahs: “Fatal clangs fell 57 % . minor clangs dropped 23 % . daytime clangs fell 20 % and nighttime clangs fell 43 % ” ( Parker-Pope. B1 ) .

The statistics have unveiled the necessary declaration to this job. Crash information. studies. and human death statistics all point out the dangers that driving non merely imposes on immature teens. but on other drivers as good. Stricter ordinances on 16 to 18 twelvemonth old drivers in other provinces. such as California. hold proven highly successful in take downing adolescent deceases. clang studies. and the figure of rushing tickets administered. Now it is clip for the parents of Georgia teens to force for legislative assembly implementing tougher adolescent driving ordinances.

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